Dogs on the couch

The Critter Sitter believes that our clients' words speak louder than our own. Read all about what they have to say about our pet sitting services!

Dusty is the best. She is the only one that takes care of our puppies. They love her. From the moment she comes through the door they are at her side. We plan our trips only after we know she is available to be with the puppies!
N. Bixby

Dogs on a hike I have been using The Critter Sitter pet sitting service for many years now whenever I have to leave home for work or vacation. My pets include dogs, birds and a tank of fish. Dusty takes great care of them all as well as watering plants and bringing in the mail. I really don't know what I would do without her. Thanks a lot, Dusty!
Steve Babcock
Glendale, CA

Madeline's Dogs Dusty Briscoe is the original Critter Sitter in the La Cañada area and the Crescenta Valley. I am delighted that I found her. She goes the extra mile to provide superb service to her customers, and to treat her furry charges with as much love and care as if they were her own.

We have 3 dogs and a cat. Other pet sitters have charged me additional fees, but with Dusty, the price includes all my pets. And it includes giving medications. I find her prices more than fair. I think she is a bargain considering how much time she spends each time she comes to my home.

Dusty always plays with my dogs, feeds them, medicates them and gives them treats. She strokes my cat, gives her treats and changes her box. She washes out water bowls and makes sure everyone has plenty to drink. She turns on and off lights and checks that the house is safe and secure. She brings in the paper and the mail. And she is always just a phone call away if I feel the need to check up on my home or my pets.

I arrived home last night. The cat box was clean, the yard was cleared of "Tootsie Rolls" and my dogs greeted me with happy tail wags and face licks. My cat purred with contentment.

Whenever I make plans to go out of town, my first call is to Dusty, to book her services.

Madeleine St. Michael